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About Us

Friday Harbor Chocolates was founded by Aylene Geringer in early 2017. She took the barbershop that stood at 255 Spring St and completely renovated the space to showcase the various handcrafted chocolates from chocolatiers across the Pacific Northwest along with the best Ports & dessert Wines.  

In August of 2021, Aylene retired and Kathryn & Roberto Moya took over as the new owners of Friday Harbor Chocolate. They've continued to offer all of the wonderful products Aylene had curated but have sense been making the space their own.

Kathryn & Roberto are passionate about offering products that are unique & inclusive. They've started to offer a larger selection of vegan chocolate, sugar-free chocolate, & non-alcoholic beverages so everyone can be included in the fun with a treat! 


The biggest change they have made now is changing the shop name to Cin Cin Goods!  They offer all the same great chocolates as before but have continued to bring new products almost weekly.

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