Dilettante Caramels & Toffee Collection in Milk and Dark Chocolate

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Dilettante Chocolates has been a Seattle favorite for decades and it's Rheingold Toffee, is one of the best I have ever tasted. It is referred to as a Butter Toffee due to its tender texture and rich flavor. This toffee is then covered in premium blends of dark and milk chocolate to complete the flavorful English-style treat. This collection includes both the milk and dark chocolate covered toffee. But I offer a warning--once you've eaten one you most certainly are going to want at least one more!

This assortment also features four different flavors of salted caramels, with an additional Himalayan Pink Salt caramel to round out the 9-piece assortment.

Dilettante’s Caramel and Toffee Collection is made to delight any caramel or toffee lover.

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