San Juan Island Chocolate & Honey Flavored Sea Salted Caramels

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We are so fortunate to be able to offer you these amazing caramels made on San Juan Island from not only salt extracted from the waters surrounding our island but from honey produced in by honey bees bred in the mainland of Washington state. While most caramels are made with corn syrup, the island makers decided to make theirs' with honey, the most interesting sweetener in the world! This honey came from hardworking Pacific Northwest bees and was gathered from the nectar of over 100,000 flowers! The honey gives the caramels a flavor all their own & makes them a even more irresistible than traditional caramels. Salted inside and out with mineral rich sea salt, this is a little package of goodness that is sure to make your mouth sing! Oh, and they are much softer than other caramels and simply melt in your mouth.

This is a Chocolate version of their world famous Salted Honey Caramels. The classic recipe this time with organic chocolate added in! Let’s just say honey and chocolate are good friends and these caramels have brought them together into a joyous union!

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