Once you try this super yummy blend you will find yourself putting it on a whole lot more than just popcorn! The star of the show in this blend is nutritional yeast, which is nutty, cheesy and delicious (and also vegan)! Vegetables, pasta, eggs and basically anything else that finds its way onto your plate


Net wt. 2.5 oz in a glass jar

Ingredients: Our sea salt, nutritional yeast, organic dill, organic garlic, organic black pepper organic red pepper flakes, organic cayenne pepper.


San Juan Island Salt is harvested between May and late September every year from the seawater at the south end of the island. It is pumped into their evaporation houses where it is 100% solar evaporated instead of boiled, which allows the trace minerals naturally present in the ocean to stay in the salt, adding to its briny flavor!

San Juan Island Salt- Popcorn Blend