This ‘cult-favorite’ vermouth is produced from certified organic grapes, with a base of young red, aged red, and oxidative white wine. The exact formula for the aromatics is secret, but consists of 51 botanicals, including citrus peel, flowers, roots, herbs, and oriental spices, that macerate in the base alcohol for two lunar cycles. Those botanicals come from an herbalist in Torino who is the great grandson of the recipe’s originator back in 1870.


Enjoy as an aperitif over ice, a cutting of orange peel, and perhaps a splash of soda water.


Category: Fortified- Vermouth

Farming method: Organic

ABV:  13% 

Region: Spain/Catalunya,

Producer:  Partida Creus

Massimo Marchiori and Antonella Gerona are an Italian couple from Piedmont who founded the Partida Creus label. (The name Partida Creus is a reference to the crosses historically used to separate holdings.) After moving to Barcelona in 2000, they wearied of city life and resettled in the Massís de Bonastre in the Baix (Maritime) Penedès of Catalunya. They began farming all manner of local foods, but had trouble finding wines in the same style, so they began making their own, recovering old vines of local grape varietals, from often-abandoned vineyards. Farmed organically, the vineyards are mostly old, low-yielding, and filled with obsolete grape varietals, some of which have been declassified. Massimo and Antonella now have the reputation as "those crazy Italians" making amazing natural wines with the grapes all the locals had written off in favor of more "international" grape varietals. 

Partida Creus -'MUZ' Vermouth

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